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Third Wave: Psychedelics & Microdosing Education

This website, in our opinion, is one of the most complete education resources for Microdosing.  It has guides for all the major Psychedelic compounds which include: history, pharmacology, effects, research & myths.  They offer a free digital book on Microdosing, online courses & podcasts.

The Microdosing Institute

“The Microdosing Institute is a global education, research, and community platform. We build vital connections in society and merge ancient wisdom with modern science to ensure the safe, conscious, and effective microdosing of psychedelics.”


If you are looking for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, look no further.  Based out of Vancouver, BC, Numinus is a Canadian company on the cutting edge of research in this domain.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a best-selling author/podcaster, & one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the game.  His take on psychedelics and microdosing is very informative.

Psychedelic Support

The “Pyschedelic Support” website has created a very complete guide for Psylocibin assisted therapy.  They cover the chemistry, history & many other really interesting facts about this magical medicine.  There are also some great videos to watch on this page.

The Spirit Pharmacist

Here you will find a very concise microdosing resource by Dr. Ben Malcolm.  He is a doctor of pharmacy, master of public health, and Psychiatric Pharmacist. He provides consultation services, courses focused on psychedelic healing and pharmacology, as well as a monthly membership program.

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