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Our Mission Statement

We are passionate about providing a connection to transformative medicine to raise the vibration of human consciousness.

Consciously created

Infused with high vibration energy

100% Organic & ethically sourced ingredients

What makes Mesa Wellness Supplements unique?

Mesa Wellness Supplements are unique in their approach to microdosing, here are a few reasons why:


  • The formulas were developed through an intricate understanding and application of herbalism principles.
  • All ingredients are certified organic, gluten free, non GMO and locally sourced.
  • Raw cacao is in most blends. Cacao has been used traditionally with Psylocibin for thousands of years. It is mood enhancing and increases the effect of psilocybin. Cacao contains MAO-inhibitors that prevent the breakdown and modulate neurotransmitters like serotonin.
  • The Psylocibin mushrooms are organically grown in the Slocan valley by a very talented and dedicated grower.
  • All encapsulated medicine goes through an energetic blessing before packaging. It’s a small detail, but it is very important to activate this pure medicine with good energy.

Microdosing Health Benefits

* A microdose is a sub-perceptual amount, usually one-tenth of a regular dose. 

Creativity:  Enhancing the creative process with alternative thinking, shifting perspectives, curiosity & openness.  

Focus:  Mindfulness, conscious awareness, increased engagement & attentiveness.

Energy:  Alertness, wakefulness & a higher vibration

Mood:  Happiness, a sense of calm & peace, reduced feelings of depression, optimism & spiritual insights.

Physiological:  Enhanced visual sense, cardiovascular endurance & improved sleep quality

What people are saying

"Mesa products offer me the gentle and supportive boost I'm looking for when my day needs a bit more shine. When I notice I've been stubbing toes on my mental furniture, or my psyche just needs a bit of a tune-up, I trust the quality and carefully crafted blends built by Mesa."

North. H

"I really enjoy this medicine. I find it uplifting and calming at the same time. I use it intentionally to scan the inner landscape and check in with myself. I really enjoy this time in my week and found it to be very beneficial. Thank you!"


"Uplift Magic gives a sense of energy and openness – one capsule being subtle, two is noticeable, and three brings a sense of being real, vibrant and alive. 2-3 Can come with the effects of being a little more emotionally open and 'vulnerable' which is not a bad thing at all. Just be aware of it! One is a sure path to increasing energy and vibrance of life without any of the added vulnerability.

Highly recommend for any that want to experience an alternative to any other form of medication. These are organic, natural and beneficial (from my experience).

Keep up the awesome quality Mesa!"


"I love this stuff. I've used it at work to get into flow, while snowboarding to take in nature, and in the sauna to dive deep within. What I find is that this medicine helps me connect with what is really going on within myself and to help that feeling be expressed. It's like ironing a wrinkly shirt and smoothing out my internal experience. As a result, I show up more compassionately with myself and the world. This product is gentle enough for me to do it while working (and it's not noticeable to others (so in private)) yet powerful enough when paired with meditation and breathwork to reconnect to my spirit and truest self."


"Very positive experience. I notice I feel more empathetic and spiritually-aware and I am able to integrate life experiences more fully. It seems quite potent with a noticeable onset."


"I desperately wish I could give Uplift Magic to everyone in my life to try just once!! I love taking it first thing in the morning when I’m getting ready for the day and setting my intentions. It’s so subtle and yet so effective in helping me raise my mind’s frequency so I’m activated to remain positive throughout the day. I’m an artist/writer who also works outdoors all day. It feels like I’m at a crossroads in life right now which can be overwhelming at times. But Mesa’s product has helped me feel more at peace with where I am on my journey and I hope it’s something I can share with others in the future."


Regarding my experience regularly dosing Uplift Magic, the Mesa team has provided a product that is both effective and natural while remaining highly local. Once a suitable dosage was found, I was able to cognitively distinguish when mundane, day-to-day tasks and interactions were elevated into genuinely enjoyable experiences while being in no way overbearing. Think of how you feel for the rest of the day after receiving some really good news and you’ll have an idea of this supplements effects.

The blends themselves seem to be of excellent quality and well thought out compared to other microdoses I have tried and I congratulate the Mesa team for the medicinal alternative they were able to create.